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Thread: Assassin PvP Build: Discuss

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    Default Assassin PvP Build: Discuss

    People are QQing a lot about Assassins not being viable in PvP. I am having my fair share of fun in warfronts. For Beta 7 I was thinking about doing something like this:


    Rotation from Stealth:

    Expose Weakness - Paralyzing Strike - Poison Malice - Backstab - Backstab - Malicious Strike - (at this point the 4 secs stun should be over) - Foul Play - Puncture - Savage Strike (or Backstab if you can) - Savage Strike (or Backstab if you can) - Savage Strike (or Backstab if you can) - Final Blow.

    Keep in mind that this rotation is only an example as the opponent will use whatever way they have to get rid of stuns etc. if things go wrong, we still have Blinding Powder and Slip Away, or even Enduring Brew if the fight is a close call.

    Suggestions and/or criticism are welcome.

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    I'm glad someone else thinks Assassin is viable. I have been having a blast with it in beta so far. From the parser I've been using people have not been close to me in pve groups in terms of dmg output, and I do just fine in warfronts. I think the problem is people aren't using the soul correctly. It is not designed for getting in a huge 5v5 fight. It is for picking off healers in the back and being an annoying sneaky little bastard.

    BTW, that is the exact build I have been planning on using.
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