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Thread: Mischievous build.

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    Default Mischievous build.

    I had a thought to create a build for fun, with some fun gimmicks of fighting and came up with a:

    3rd soul (assasin in that link but i checked both nightblade and BD aswell) / MM / RS

    the build focuses on ranged damage primarily with the ability to teleport like mad around the battlefield both clsoe up behind or to a place of your choosing. Enabling you to swiftly engage in melee if needed then go back out at ranged fighting.
    Couple the RS teleport ability, you got the MM's increased movement speed and rooting/repelling shots.

    this gives the build viability and great ability to confuse the enemy aswell as reducing incomming damage through the RS soul.

    Hit and run melee, teleport to make the enemy loose sight of ye. fun fun ^^

    As said i tried NB and BD aswell. Nightblade gives weapon enchants, another teleport ability? and increased damage.
    Assasin gives poisons including 5% crit poison and bleed to your hits.
    Blade dancer gives higher dodge for melee sequences and damage on dodge + the 50% dodge rythm.

    Take a look at the spec, mind it was created with mind on purely ahving fun and post your comments ^^

    lots of fun to be had with rift souls <3

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    Ranged class + melee class that teleports you to melee range.

    .................think about this for a second.

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