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Thread: Few Question about the Rogue

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    Default Few Question about the Rogue

    First off I have yet play, I have been usen the calculator from http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html.

    1) Do any of the soul trees have A long term invs other then PvP .. I only see 30 sec invs (WTF is up with that)

    2) Assaian has a poions your weapons .. that works with bows also right ?

    3) serrated blades (assain tree) says " Your Crit Atks with Weapons cause bleed based on 150% of your weapon dmg over 6 sec up too 3 stacks" will this work on Bows/Guns they would have A larger weapon dmg I would think.

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    the assasin has a perma stealth with 21 points spent in the soul (i personaly like the 30 sec stealth makes you think more)

    yes poison works with bows

    yes serrated blades work with bows

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