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Thread: Ideas for Sabs

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    Default Ideas for Sabs

    Given the fact that I have only a few hour experience on a Sab (respecced my lvl 29 Assassin toward the end of beta 6), I have to say that the recent changes are leaving me perplexed.

    I am all for making this class more strategic than fast paced dps. But the cleansing of the charges, on its own, means only nerfing it to oblivion, at least in PvP. There are too many ways to cleanse poisons, not only for healers, and that means that Sabs' damage can be easily reduced to 0 (zero). I have read posts where people say everything is fine and propose solutions such as speccing into Assassin to get Incapacitate. All these suggestions fail to consider that all 4 classes have a PvP soul that adds tools to remove stuns, poisons, resist and mitigate damage, and so on. In the specific case of Incapacitate, please, stop being clueless and remember that it's an out of combat skill, almost impossible to use in warfronts.

    I think if charges are going to be subject to cleansing, Sabs should be given more utilities to actually be able to stand a chance in PvP. One idea could be to let Silent Setup allow Sabs to stack charges without breaking stealth, but with a reduced range. In this way Sabs would have a chance to engage and distract a healer without being slaughtered in 2 secs. Let us not forget that Sabs are extremely squishy. This kind of solution would make of Sabs a strategic presence in warfronts and world PvP. As a Sab, you would know your strength lies not in pushing 2 buttons to get rid of your enemy, but in strategically pursue its end one step at the time. Playing a Sab would be more like playing chess than simply nuking your opponents.

    An alternative (my favorite one) could be to reverse the recent change and make charges impossible to dispel. At the same time, they should remove Charge Booster, which is what allows Sabs to stack 10 charges instead of only 5. I have intentionally played without Charge Booster and I had loads of fun anyway. Of course I could not one-shot anybody, but I could choose when to detonate my charges to make my damage effective and meaningful. This would make the fight more strategic, although it would not increase the number of buttons Sabs have to push.

    I hope something will be done to make of Sabs a fun and useful class to play in PvP. I am a bit worried by the response devs gave to the "Nerf SABS" public outcry... This is the kind of superficial response I would expect from... crabs.
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