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Thread: My MM PvP Build/walk-through. (Pure ranged)

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    Default My MM PvP Build/walk-through. (Pure ranged)


    I really like playing MM (I enjoy ranged classes the most) but i don't like ranger (I dislike using pets)

    This is most likely the PvP build i'm going to run, but i might make changes depending on soul changes when Rift goes live.

    I'll give a little run-through explanation:

    Riftstalker: I chose this soul for mobility and a little added survivability. Why 14 points- I wanted shadow stalk for the mobility and the added synergy with ruthless stalker. My main reasons for picking riftstalker are:
    1. Shadow shift
    2. Shadow Stalk
    3. ruthless stalker
    4. the other talents were just the best choices.

    Infiltrator: I chose that path because it provided damage. The other path revolved more around survivability. Against all odds and take cover were 2 very minor talents that i felt would have been a waste of 10 points. Also, the side i chose; i split to the side instead of going straight up because the extra damage fell short of the usefulness of the anti-caster talents i was able to get. I put in just 20 points for the roots. I didn't have enough left over after MM soul for the extra finisher (Which i don't think would even be worth it) My main reasons for infiltrator and the path i chose:
    1. every single root ability is a PvP must imo. (maybe not the stealth, but i like the ability to get the opening on my target)
    2. Pardon the interruption talent is the only real thing we have to counter a caster. It looked far to good to pass up.

    Marksmen: Marksmen has a lot of CD's so i really wanted to be able to put in 32 points into the tree to reset the CD on all my abilities (Quick reload root ability). Because of MM's speed, not having a slowing effect is fine. On top of being a Riftstalker, there shouldn't be any problems kiting melee. My reasoning for what i chose in the MM soul is pretty standard. Most notably of the talents you might be scratching your head at would be "Increased fire power". While it would be a nice damage increase, i felt that i would be losing to much of something else that would be more of a benefit. I might change my mind and take the points away from keen eye for Increased Fire power. But atm, i want to stick with the extra range.
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