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Thread: Core Combos or lets show the real strength

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    Default Core Combos or lets show the real strength

    A lot of times there are combos which seem very nice on paper but lack power in a "real" situation and vice versa.
    For the people not having played the game yet it would be awesome to have a compendium of the better combos available to different soul combinations.

    For example:

    Bard / Ranger
    Cadence + Power Chord => Rain of Arrows takes 11 (?) sec to complete at which point you just start again.
    If the recast timers on zam are correct you can keep doing that forever which would be very nice dps.

    (Rain of Arrows: Fires a volley of arrows into the air, dealing weapon plus 550 Physical damage over 6 seconds to all enemies in the vicinity.)

    Rate and comment with usable feedback why it sucks if you think so. And dont forget to add your own combo !
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