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Thread: How's my bleed Assassin build?

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    Default How's my bleed Assassin build?

    I made this build basically for PvP and Solo World PvP ganking. Basically you would Stealth, Expose Weakness, Shadow Stalk (Ruthless Stalker 15% crit buff), Jagged Strike, Puncture, 5 point Impale, Slip Away (wait for energy while bleeds tick), Paralyzing Strike (4 sec stun), Poison Malice, Puncture/Foul Play/Savage Strike (until 5 points), Finishing Blow. That should kill them. If not shouldn't take much more.


    Important things to remember with this build.

    Jagged Strike runs for 18 seconds
    Puncture runs for 18 seconds
    Impale runs for 24 seconds

    Poison will be Lethal and Leeching. Use phase shifting abilities whenever Rift Shield and Ruthless Stalker buffs wear out so you can have the damage mitigation and 15% crit buff as much as possible. I think that is all. The build can easily be tweaked to shift the focus from bleeds to Assassinate and Backstab and or poison damage but I don't think poisons are really effective at the moment. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks!
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