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Thread: First time question...

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    Default First time question...

    I like the rogue class but undecided what one to choose. Today is the first time i have looked at Rift and not really sure how the classes work. Out of all the rogue classes which seems to be more pvp stable and fun? I love the fact of Sin's hide but say i go Marksmen/assassin/ranger will i still have hide or only if assassin is my main? Also how does that mixing of classes work, idk it just seems that most of you have a good clear grasp on what the game is like so please don't flame me for asking nub questions, it's my first time looking at the game lol. Any help and guidance will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Usually a combination that's focused on ranged souls doesn't use stealth. It's probably going to be more effective to hang out behind the melee types and do damage from max range or to get up on some rocks and snipe down at the poor ants down below.

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