Tried to make something as close to the archer-classes in DAoC as I could get -> IE. Come out of stealth shooting, when they get to you stun/zephyr, finish 'em off, otherwise they have a temp. speed buff to run away.

PvP server. Could have traded SAB/SIN for BM/RNG/NB for pure dps, but I'm betting on utility to win out against superior stats and stealthing around is important for me.

Came up w/:

Key benefits include:
> 100% speed while stealthed
> Slip Away ability and various sprints/stuns/immunes to get out of sticky situations
> Various snares/knockbacks/roots/stuns to keep attackers at bay
> Decent ranged dmg backed by poisons and +crit

Wanted the ability to run around choosing my fights > attack from a distance and control the fight > Be able to escape if something goes wrong/adds

Weak Points:
>No heal aside from Enduring Brew
>Not pure dps, so I'll suffer in dungeons/rifts
>Not much in the way of burst if I use combo points to control the fight

With Hasten Call, I could switch out MM for Ranger and insta cast a pet when coming out of stealth... but it would be a hassle to micromanage it while ambushing folks and vanishing, and I'd lose some survivability.

*Any critiques you can offer to improve this build are welcome*