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Thread: Sab/nightblade/? pve builds no pvp builds please

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    Default Sab/nightblade/? pve builds no pvp builds please

    Hey all thinking about trying out a Sab/NB/? build for pve in open beta played a warrior in beta 5 thinking I may like the whole placing charges thing with the sab but not really sure what builds other than NB will be good with it would appreciate any link builds and suggestions! all I can find on the forums is pvp build with sab..... thanks for any input!!!!

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    Use ranger for the pet, 4 points in ranger make it a joke, you can chain pull forever.

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    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...xkkRz.VhtoMogo Is a quick build that I threw together that focuses on increasing Sab damage through passives as well as using some of the ranged abilities and extra CC available to the NB. It is not necessary to go that deep into NB and 13 points in the 1st 2 Tiers would be plenty, I just wanted to go a bit deeper than most builds show.

    The 1st 13 points (Blazing Fury, Unstable State, Coup de Grace) will net you some good passive damage buffs as well as Conceal and Lost Hope, both of which can be useful on some of the nasty pulls in a dungeon (take out one of the enemies and pull the rest). Though it requires melee, Weapon Flare is another good addition to your AoE arsenal.

    Improved Twilight Force will get you another snare, making soloing elites a breeze, unless they are immune to snares. This will also unlock Fiery Chains, which is decent damage to 4 enemies, giving you more AoE.

    From there I added Flame Thrust, which is a decent Finisher for when you use Annihilation Bomb as your Charge detonation. Eventide and Ebon Fury were added to buff Twilight Force, making it much more useful to add into a rotation. Dark Containment is another CC. While not nearly as good as Lost Hope, it can be used in a pinch. I'll need to test Heat Retention to see if it applies to Charges, if so, it could be a decent buff to Detonate or Flame Thrust. This will also unlock Smother, another Silence for when Choking Gas is unavailable.

    Again, you may not want to go that deep into NB and may want to spend a few points in a 3rd Soul. We'll have to test Heat Retention to see if it applies to Charges or not, since that could be a nice damage boost for the team and would stack very well with Splinter and Embers Charges.

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