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Thread: Bladedancer/Riftstalker/Marksman

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    Default Bladedancer/Riftstalker/Marksman

    Interested in a pvp/solo pretty solid build, pretty new here so wondering if you guys could help me out.

    I really like what the bladedancer can do in melee, and mixed with survivability of a riftstalker and ranged of a marksman It would be pretty interested.

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    Havent tested this myself but ive seen some videos.

    I wouldnt take Marksman. Riftstalker comes with alot of mobility, you get sprint from blade and you just wouldnt really need anything else.

    The build I am planning for solo content (not PvP) instead takes the bard: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M....t0dVuoRRhdz.o This isnt working for some reason. Spec is 32/33/2

    You get the idea from below anyway. Pick and choose as you like - its your character and leveling/soloing is about having fun as much as anything else

    Since you dont rely on stealth opener use Cadence as an opener. It is ranged builds combo points rapidly. The points in extra health are great, simply because more health means you heal more from Rift scavenger.

    This spec is designed so you can take on enemies with 0 downtime. When you kill your target, make sure there is 5 combo points on it. you will get 40% of your health back, 25 energy, 30% avoidance and 15% hit AND 15% crit. Note avoidance = more damage, make good use of avoidance proc abilities and note the free damage you get from dodge and parry.
    When leveling, take riftstalker as your second spec straight away and build it straight up to Rift Scavenger before switching back to Bladedancer.

    Just take targets 2 at a time use twin strike to build cps. Have fun
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