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Thread: PvP: Riftstalker/Assassin Hybrid

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    Default PvP: Riftstalker/Assassin Hybrid

    - Link seems to be broken-

    Its taking my points amount down to 43. iI that something to do with the beta level cap?

    This is essentially me twittering on about how this 'looks' purely based on soul trees. Its perfectly ok if you dont want to read this, but if you comment it might be wise to do so:
    TL;DR PvP spec, what do you think? - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...kk.0ARfpoboddR

    Note - not got into a closed beta, cant wait to test on tuesday!

    I'm a Feral Druid (WoW) and I noticed that Riftstalker and Assassination, combined, are very similar to my favoured PvP style albeit perhaps not useless.

    Riftstalker gives me: Mobility, multiple snare/root breaks, Tanking 'form', Boost to healing taken, combo point switching (fantastic with the high cp generating bleeds in assassination). Instant 'Cyclone' control (CD, yes, but dont need a finisher)

    Assassination gives me perm. Stealth with speed without having to dump 20 pts in Infiltrator. As well as a 'vanish' I get multiple stuns, which I never really had before. Decent self healing buffed by riftstalker (inc. heal taken, red. damage taken = Enduring Brew more efficient) very good energy:cps from bleeds makes ramp up simpler (basically, bleed,bleed,bleed, next target.

    Problems with spec: Damage burst is probably going to be quite poor, so I have to control healers effectively, or survive in prolonged combat enough to drain them with bleeds on multiple targets. Energy costs look quite high. Since I havent tested yet I dont know if thats going to be heavily limiting to my ability usage even in my opener, but I can see that in order to fully bleed and 8 seconds of stun it will cost 165 energy, while I can see no way in this spec of increasing energy regen.

    Opener: Incapacitate secondary target > Expose weakness primary target > Shadow shift to primary target* > Paralyzing strike primary target > Blind/Riftprison additional hostiles (or save as needed to reapply cc to secondary target) > Puncture > Impale > Foul play > Jagged strike.

    *I'm assuming this can be used without breaking stealth. It activates 15% increased crit, damage and 30% movement speed.

    After this Opener energy has most certainly run dry, about 1-2 sec left on stun. If it is 1-2 targets and you are alone, maintain cc on secondary target if applicable, build cp with backstab and use finishers to kill the target. Use slip away to reapply Incapacitate and reopen with a stun. (wait for high energy before trying this as you have only a 3 sec window before it probably breaks) Or just use it to get out after failing or killing your target. (Note: using Shadow Warp, Flashback, you can prepare for a quick escape if possible as the range you can cover with both spells looks to be as much as 75 yards combined in 2 GCDs. That amount of distance would you get you far out of range and save your Slip away cooldown.)

    For 3+ targets, switching onto another target and letting the one you just dotted up beat on you might be safer, if it is melee you can slow it before Shadow Assault to a new target . All your CC has a cooldown, I have no idea how/if diminishing returns work here but you will run out quite quickly trying to keep 2 enemies locked out at once - especially as they will often have ways of escaping; especially in competitive PvP. Switch the 3 cps from Jagged strike so as to get a fast finisher on the next target.

    What do you think? Sorry for the wall of text

    Interested if anyone already tried this out? i realise assassination is supposed to be fairly weak right now with damage-output so i dont expect this spec to be - but has it been tested as a DoT PvP class? Rather than burst which it seems to lack.
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