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Thread: Auto Attacks and Procs

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    Default Auto Attacks and Procs

    First, I'd like to apologize if my questions have been asked before, but I couldn't find a consolidated set of answers when I was searching (maybe I'm just bad at doing research).

    I had a couple questions about the way auto attacks and procs work in the game. Some may seem stupid and noobish, but I'm okay with looking dumb if it gets me the info I want.

    Auto Attacks:
    -Do ranged auto attacks happen while moving? I know in some games you need to spec for this and others you need to be standing still, but I haven't had the chance to test most of the ranged classes in Rift yet, so I don't know how it works here.
    -What starts you auto attacking? (stupid question I know) I've noticed when using some attacks that I don't seem to start auto attacking and when using others I do. I want to know why, or if I'm just missing something stupid and simple.

    -Mainly I want to know if procs can happen on dot ticks or even on other procs. I know as a rogue you can have 2 weapon enchantments up at once, and was wondering if having one of them proc can proc the other, or even it the lvl 20 Nightblade one can proc itself with its own dot if procs can happen on dot ticks.

    Thanks in advance for any help, and again, I'm cool with anyone thinking my questions are stupid, because after reading them back, they do kinda sound simple...

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    Well the Assassin tooltip for weapon enchantments says its based on each "Weapon Attack" and I interpret that as each attack movement that a player makes, whether that is an auto-attack or an ability. I would not think that applies to a DOT, as the initial skill enabled the DOT and treated that as a proc. Even if that initial skill proc'd, it would just add X amount of damage and wouldn't continue on with the other DOTs.

    Thats just my interpretation since the other method is unlikely and irrational, but if you are in doubt you should send a petition to a GM and ask them. They're certainly willing to answer these questions.

    Or if you have time tomorrow, devs will be on the IRC channel on Friday (check Abigale's Game day #3 thread)

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    A Nightblade in an FC run I parsed had ~4700 damaging effects for the run, including a little over 1100 auto attacks, 435 Hellfire Blades procs and a bunch of other stuff, including a lot of damage ticks from Smoldering Blades (another weapon enhancement). He tanked a couple pulls, one attempt and one kill on a boss, so ~300 of the specials and some portion of the auto attacks were outside his Nightblade spec: call it 4300 (of the 4700), still including HFB procs in that number.

    435 / (4300 - 435) is about 11%. If HFB were proccing off dot ticks and Smoldering Blade procs/ticks and everything else possible, it should have been at least a bit closer to the listed 20%. After removing everything else I thought was reasonable from the 4300ish that were left (dot ticks/smoldering procs/etc), I had ~3300 effects left. 435 / (3300 - 435) is around 15%, much closer to expected.

    I think sin's probably right about the things that proc weapon enhancements: each time your little mans auto attacks and each time you press a button (or the game gives you the effect of pressing a button e.g. Lingering Flame). Pushing Fiery Strike yes; each tick of Fiery Strike damage no.

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    There are auto attack toggles for melee and ranged weapons under, I think, general tab under abilities. Whatever the first tab is. That's in addition to I hope right clicking on the target.

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