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Thread: saboteur, riftblade n assassin

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    Default saboteur, riftblade n assassin

    i was screwin around this this build and wondering if you think a saboteur would benefit on the battle field from the stealth that assassin offers.
    riftblade offers great damage and crit bonuses. but dont know how the stealth would work in battle.
    i would like some thoughts on this.

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    Most people take assassin or nightblade (or both) up pretty high regardless. So stealth is pretty much free to play around with.

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    Stealth was quite useful.
    Makes it easier to sneak behind people and start stacking charges on them. You'd be surprised how often they don't even notice you're there thanks to the fact that charges do no damage until you detonate them.
    So, basically, stealth behind people, stack charges, blow things up and watch them freak out and scatter. It can be rather hilarious. Ever break a line of ants? You know how they all scatter and run around like crazy... that's what it looks like.

    That's why I'll be incorporating Stealth into the Marksman build I want to try out next week. Though it might be more fun with Ranger, since that soul has a ton of AoE.
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