The objective of this role is to maximize burst (and to a lesser extent sustained) melee DPS. To that extent, the primary soul is Nightblade, which provides the burst DPS potential required. While many view the Nightblade and Assassin as being mutually exclusive choices, the Assassin tree offers a multitude of great passive skills that will augment the build’s killing ability. Finally, we splash Riftstalker, less than I would like, but enough to add a bit of mobility and just enough steel to see the target killed.

The Build:
Combat Setup: This build can take advantage of two of the most useful weapon enchantments available to the rogue, Fell Blades and Leeching Poison. For meaningful PvP, the 50% healing debuff is essential to any stealth based killer. Leeching Poison, combined with 30% healing amplification provides an extra dose of staying power.
Use Assassin stealth to take advantage of 30% movement speed and damage buffs.

The first two rounds of a typical combat scenario in which we get the drop on the enemy should unfold as follows:
Expose Weakness
Shadow Stalk (activates +15% crit chance for 10 seconds)
Paralyzing Strike (activates +15% damage for 15 seconds)
Dusk Strike
Twilight Force (snares target before stun wears off)
Scourge of Darkness
Any 1 combo point builder, your choice! (Heat Retention reaches full charge)
Dusk Strike
Blazing Strike (+30% damage from Heat Retention)

Obviously, this neglects all the special cooldown based skills at our disposal. Ebon Fury, Dusk to Dawn, Smother, Twilight Shelter, etc... which provide some flexibility in the cycle. I think this build likely provides the most versatile burst DPS available to a full melee rogue. It certainly has its weaknesses, however, lacking multiple CC breaking abilities, further Riftstalker shifts and defensive absorption.

What do you think? Is there a better way to optimize a melee stealth killer’s DPS potential?