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Thread: Riftstalker Tank

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    Default Riftstalker Tank

    So I am planning on playing a rIftstalker tank come launch and I as wondering if this seemed like a good talent build to anyone else considering the same:


    Note that I have a couple of talent points left over. I was curious if it is really worth it to go to 51 points in riftstalker, seems like you are givng up a lot of things in order to do so for the extra two cool downs.

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    You're definitely going to want Exceptional Resilience in Riftstalker, and with extra points, I can't imagine not grabbing Contra Tempo with it available. Otherwise, it's not bad.

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    Edit: fixed the Links that weren't linking to the proper build

    Each build link is below to the corresponding description.

    I know your build isn't lvl 50 end game spec but it's getting closer to that happening so here's what i was focusing on.

    This spec has a lot of self healing with dodge/dmg mitigation. I also like the Verse of Fascination, if a noob miss tabs and pulls more mobs it would be a useful tool to take control of the situation. Plus bard gives great pulling abilities such as Coda of Fury and also combined with Riff to make popping Rift Guard a lot quicker.

    There's a lot of controversy with going bard as there will be a bard in pugs and pre-made groups which is fine because you can always switch to a secondary tank spec (oht he glory of several roles!).


    This one is kind of a odd spec. Haven't actually tried it but the theory crafting here is to use Leeching poison to heal yourself through attacks while using Enduring Brew (a poison that heals you then slightly dmgs you over 12 seconds) as well (although quite an odd heal, would be better if your healer dispells poisons which would probably be an unnecessary chore for your healer considering how often it would be used).


    This one is just a straight up Dodge spec. It used a lot of points in blade dancer to try and incorporate False Blade attack to increase dodge and parry (from Blade Dancer talents). While putting enough in rift stalker to get defer death ability. While using sabo to get the extra 15% agility. You could also substitute Sabo for bard to get the +10% health, which ever you prefer.


    This is one i concocted and probably the most odd. It used Ranger for the Pet. This is mainly for the ability to use Divert Rage in a "oh ****" circumstance where you may die so you can pump all the agro to the pet to give a few moments to be healed. It also give's AoE range pull. What i don't like about it the most is having to put more points into ranger to get a decent pet for agro dumping and gives +6% to damage reduction as well as +5% health. It's one of the worst builds but has it's interesting points.


    One last thing to note. Patches that are implemented before Head start and live launch will most likely change a lot of current build ideas so you can't really decide on one till around when head start begins.
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    Bah looked at the wrong skill.

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