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Thread: My Marksman, Bard and Ranger build...

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    Default My Marksman, Bard and Ranger build...

    Hey guys im just wondering what you all think about this build


    Thanks all just let me know what ya think and if it will work

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    Notes (This is my observations for a PvP build, not sure if you built this originally for PvE)

    -Don't invest in the AOE Marksman skills if you are focusing on PvP. (3 points saved)

    -Sniper Training 3% mitigation isn't all that special (3 points saved) (PvE or PvP)

    -Sharpshooter 3% hit chance isn't all that special (3 points saved) (PvE or PvP)

    -Keen's Eye (range increase) is a MUST. (5 points invested)

    -Getaway (anti CC speed) is a MUST (1 point invested)

    -Static shot (CC root) is a MUST (1 point invested)

    -Quickshot - not sure if this is worth it unless you plan on using this skill every 6 seconds. Highly unlikely since you'll most likely be spamming the abilities that grant combo points.(3 points saved)

    At this point you should have 5 extra points to spend: Here are some options:
    Good Health - 10% health increase (5 points invested)
    Good Health + Improved Anthem of Competence - 8% health increase (4 points), speed for out of combat (1 point)


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