I've been toying with the bladedancer main spec with assassin and nightblade supporting it and run into a couple of issues.

First off, there are a lot of rogue weapons I've found, but not many suited to the playstyle of melee rogues. A lot of skills state that they do "weapon damage + X" which implies that a weapon that hits harder does more damage. That's just common sense. Slower weapons usually hit harder, but daggers are quick and have a lower damage range. The ideal weapon would be slower swords, maces, or axes. I've run across a few, but the quest rewards usually have strength on the axes and dexterity on the daggers. This makes sense in a game in my opinion. But when it comes down to doing more damage, most of the time I'll deal more damage grabbing the slower weapon without my main stats. Sure I lose out on a little bit of crit, but it doesn't make up for the increase of regular damage from the axe.

Solution? That's up to the game designers. But there are options like "deals x% of attack power + X" or "deals x% of dexterity + X." Just don't lock us all into fighting over 1 type of weapon.

But should different rogue styles want different weapons? Ranged classes that don't use melee will primarily use the weapons for stats. Bladedancers might favor slower, larger weapons because they are built around parry and dodge. Nightblades might use either larger weapons or quick daggers because they're more about elemental damage. Assassin's might be about daggers because they like to strike from behind with skills such as backstab. This could differentiate the specs a bit, but would require either more options for quest rewards.

Second major issue. Damage. I've actually found my damage as a blade dancer to be fairly decent. In an IT run I found myself doing more damage than the warriors there. It could be the player, or it could be point in the game. I see though that at later levels warriors seem to pick up some fairly good damage abilities. The bladedancer picks up a lot of defensive abilities at the later talent levels except for their final skill which is basically a pretty good AOE. While I could see this rogue being more of a tank in the later game stages, it seems to have potential for a "tank" style rogue. I'm always looking at the late game potential of a character and it seems that this one is confused. You could say get the 51 point talent, which is amazing, but you have to give up a lot to get it.

Every tanking soul in the warrior tree seems to have "additional threat" associated with some of their skills. Even the Riftstalker soul in the rogue tree has skills that give "additional threat."

So it needs to be clear if it's meant for tanking or not. I'd love if it was a damage soul because I really like the rotation.

Keen strike, Precision strike, Keen strike, Quick strike, Dauntless strike, then keen and quick up 5 combo, Deadly strike, then it's just keen, quick, and deadly throwing in keen when the cooldown is up and dauntless when the buff is running out. Toss in your exhaustive skills and your single target dps is pretty good.

For those TLR people. Melee rogue weapons are better slow at the moment, but they seem to want us to take daggers. Bladedancer late game damage skills are lacking, but if it's meant to be a tank spec it doesn't have skills with "additional threat" attached.

Thanks for reading(or not) and see you in game,

Gymmy, Gymmeh, Gym, etc.