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Thread: Fun with Marksman/ Blade Dancer/ Saboteur build

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    Default Fun with Marksman/ Blade Dancer/ Saboteur build

    I haven't played this Rogue more than a few days (created during last Beta session) but this build has been a lot of fun to play. I don't think I've progressed any up the Saboteur tree but that AoE snare you get to start with is just fine as it is (for now anyway). Very handy for hunting. Adding range helps keep me back in a Rift incursion, and the Blade dancer allows me recourse when things get up close and personal.

    It might not be an optimal build but I'm liking it.

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    Yeah I wanted to try this because I don't want to play with a pet. Many, many will knock this soul combo though, but I don't care. All about having fun right?

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