First i want to say i am very pleased with Rift, and Trion did an amazing job. But i want to Focus on Rogues. As many of you know, Rogues in Rift can be Ranged specialists or Melee Specialists within the same Calling, i thought this was way cool, but i questioned how Hybrids would perform (mainly in PvP). In my Rift Beta Experience i tested Hybrids... First Was a marksman/ Rift stalker/ Sabo... I tried this because i wanted to see if a strong Ranged and a good defense close range (Rift stalker has Defensive ablilities) would be a good coupling... i found this incredibly Boring. Not because Trion made it boring, it just wasnt my type, so i didnt get anything acomplished. But i gave it another try, this time with Assassin/Blademaster/Sabo ... It was alright leveling to about 16, and then i found the PvP (: and this is where i found the true power of my Hybrid, I could take out an enemy in close range no problem. But those damn "Hunters" and Mushies would always run... as they were supposed too. But since i was a Hybrid, and i had Sabo, i could slow anyone down with Adhesive Bombs and even deal a decent amount of Damage with my Charges from long range (only decent because i had no points in Sabo). So i figured out that i could slow down people with my Adhesive bombs if i wanted to keep them close to me, like Mages. But i was also able to keep other Melee characters away with Adhesive Bombs and just Kite the **** out of em while im dropping charges on them. I loved how versatile Trion has made their Rogues, it sounds over powered by the way im talking about it, the Rogue dominates most anyone 1v1... but as in any game, we struggle with surviving when we run into more than one. Which is where just Strategy and knowing what you can down and what you cant comes in. They definitely balanced the Rogue class well, and i applaud them.