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Thread: the perfect Saboteur BOSS fight

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    Thumbs up the perfect Saboteur BOSS fight

    while BOSS.HP > 0

    5 x Splinter Charge : t0
    1 x Detonate : t1

    5 x Embers Charge : t6
    1 x Detonate : t7

    5 x Spike Charge : t12
    1 x Detonate : t13

    5 x Blast Charge : t18
    1 x Incriminate : t21 (click tank, press button, click mob)
    1 x Detonate : t22

    5 x Splinter Charge : t27
    1 x Detonate : t28 -> t0


    BOSS down :-)

    tx is the time passed after first aggro attack
    Effect of Splinter and Ember last for 30 sec, so you will have to renew them timely.
    Incriminate because you dont want to get aggro when you crit for2-4k

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    If Anni Bomb is up you should blow the spike stack with that and follow up with your best off-soul finisher.

    A full blast stack is not going to give you your best dps unless you really benefit from the armor penetration, you should include one caltrop and one or two shrapnels (would need numbers in front of me to tell how many) in there.

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