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Thread: Marksman/Ranger/third without using Stealth.

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    Default Marksman/Ranger/third without using Stealth.

    I was all set to use a Marksman/Ranger/Assn for the stealth and CC from Assn.
    And I played that class in beta 6.
    Now I am not so sure I care about stealth anyhow because 35 meter range was awesome in PVP all by itself, but I did like the CC that Assn gets. I realize I don't have to go 21 in assn to use the CC.. but would it be better to choose an entirely different soul? Isn't stealth the primary purpose of the Assn soul?

    If I don't care about 21 assn for permastealth but I still want some CC and good passives (which Assn has).. are there better third souls to use if I dont care about perma-stealth?

    Anyone have a strong build in this direction?
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    I focus on PvP and had the same issue Beans. I ended up grabbing another Role and changing Riftstalker in for Sin. I like the stat bonus's it gives and you still get a melee finisher. The only thing I missed was Virulent poison but the in combat teleport makes up for it.
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