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Thread: Marksmen synergy in PvE & PvP

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    Default Marksmen synergy in PvE & PvP

    As of this moment in time, I believe the marksmen has really good synergy with most of the rogue souls because of the fact that many of them have traits that are beneficial to marksmen DPs in both PvP and PvE. My question do you is, which do you believe is more efficient when it comes to those situations?

    I believe that for PvE any marksmen must go with ranger for the pet unless they want to kite for the rest of their PvE experience. I'm still contemplating over nightblade or assassin as the third soul. Nightblade has permanent boosts for combo generating skills/finishers, but assassin has those nice critical hit damage bonuses. I'm thinking early on, nightblade. When you're high enough level you should switch over to assassin.

    Now for PvP I'm thinking going Marksmen/Nightblade/Assassin. You don't really need a pet for PvP and I think nightblade/assassin provide the most beneficial traits to a marksmen.

    I'd like to hear your opinion and thoughts regarding this. There just seem to be many possibilities.

    Note: For Pve i mean purely leveling/questing/solo purposes. Not those areas where you have a tank or a group and you don't need to kite.

    For PvP my build was more along the line of: http://rift-planner.com/#?archetype=...19,5_&lang=eng
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