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Thread: Assasin / Bladedancer / Riftstalker build need some advice

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    Default Assasin / Bladedancer / Riftstalker build need some advice


    i lvled 25 with my mm/range/assassin till some nice dagger dropped from a boss and i gave a shot to assassin build. not like others say, i loved assassin more than ranger but without proper souls i died pretty quick at pvp. here is what i made for myself, lot of dmg buffs and some souls help me get out situations

    i dont like try to go back of mob or users to dmg so i left assassinate and backstap buffs
    as title says, i need some advice or comments about my soul tree


    thanks for help and sorry if my english is bad

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    Personaly Id drop alot of points out of blade dancer. End up 10/15 (minimimum)/rest between blade/rift/assasain.

    Though really atm assasain damage is... poor

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    have you looked at the level 25 granite falls rep daggers? there pretty nice but as for a build i would say it depends on what your think you would be doing,

    Myself i think something like http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...Rfxof0kbo.VMLc would be a decent build to pvp with, I'm aware that the points in Infiltrator will take sometime to build up but i think this looks a solid build. Perhaps if they don't fix some on the attacks that are not scaling with attack power i would edit a bit but until i hear other wise this is the build I'm looking at
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