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Thread: Bard/Ranger/Saboteur...............A few questions...........

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    Default Bard/Ranger/Saboteur...............A few questions...........

    First off, I'm a bit behind in the beta tests compared to most of you. Tried Beta 5, very old computer....and just not playable or anymore upgradable. In higher settings I mean. For me, if I cant play it sexy...then I might as well stick to lower settings on EQII. So I finally made a nice computer that I can play on ultra and she seems very stable everywhere I go. And I gotta say, Im very much in love with this game after Beta 6, bought the digital download and gave up on EQII and WoW. Just dont have time for more than two MMO's...reserving the second slot for Guild Wars II, lol.

    With that said............I was wondering. Has anyone tried going heavy on the Bard with ranger/saboteur on the side? If so, how did it fair? This is basically for pve. I tried out Ranger with marksman and saboteur on the side and that was fun. But I wanted to try out the bard on this next event coming up. But kinda wanted the piggy still and the extra slows and such from the saboteur line.

    But with so little time spent so far, not sure which way to go....This dang game has so many freakin possibilities. I feel like a kid in a candy store half the time, hehe.

    Again, I really have no idea on this game....just that Im having a blast everywhere I go. Was thinking of maybe something like this???

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    why do you want long range bombing? I would at least put 2 more points in rangers for the wolf, the pig is useless for grping. I tried a sab/brd build, I didnt like it, couldnt really provie enough damage or support. I would just go deeper into the ranger tree.

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