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Thread: rogue leveling builds

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    Question rogue leveling builds

    so i have been looking through the posts and from what i have seen any variation on ranger/nightblade/riftstalker does well in terms of quick and efficient leveling. What I want to know is what i should prioritize, what do i put the majority of my points in? I know riftstalker is along for the convenient blink it has, but im not so sure if i should be mainly ranger then when my enemy closes in melee them, or if i should be putting all my points in nightblade for the melee damage and using range only when its convenient. Any feedback on this is appreciated , as well as suggestions on another class comp that might be quick for leveling.

    on another note, i dont want to completely forsake the occasional warfront when i get distracted or the possitibility of tearing up a rift on my own, so if there were a build that would satisfy this balance i would be ever grateful for your input
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    Honestly? Once you get to your main city, you can start collecting alternate souls. And then you can buy different role slots, so you can instantly switch between the different specs on the fly. It's one of the biggest aspects of the game that I love.

    And where I'm going on that thought is that honestly, different spec's will come in handy in different situations. Personally I've really had great luck solo'ing with Bard mainspec, Marksman mainspec, and I've had a LOT of fun with Sabo in PvP.

    Once you pick a base class, figure out what YOU level quickest with.

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    bard/nb/ranger just for pet will yield great results. At level 31 i constantly pull 3-6 mobs at a time of the same level and aoe them down.

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