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Thread: Soul Combo Question - MM/Bard/?

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    Default Soul Combo Question - MM/Bard/?

    I've been thinking about doing a mostly MM with Bard off skills to do some supporting and overall damage increase. Which soul would go well to finish it off? I was thinking nightblade for the +15% on combo generating, +15% on finishers, and maybe the +9% on non-physical attacks. Any other suggestions out there?

    Basically, I'm just looking for an interesting and versatile playstyle that involves mostly ranged combat. I like the MM due to the higher damage, and further range plus it has some nice on the run abilities. The bard would be more for general buffs/debuffs, random healing, and things with too high of armor for MM should the case arise. Nightblade just has points to increase the damage/healing of the other 2 trees, plus concealment/lost hope. I don't know if hellfire blades would apply to a ranged weapon.

    I haven't tested this, since I only got into beta 6 and started to come up with this idea. I'm just looking for general feedback. My rough idea is:

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