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Thread: Assassin Impressions and changes that should be made.

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    Default Assassin Impressions and changes that should be made.

    Played up to 28 on assassin, and I have to say, it is WAY too gimmicky. Increased damage of final strike and 10% more crit chance of savage strike talents should be merged into one 5 point talent to increase critical chance of final blow and savage strike by 10-15%, and damage by 20% of puncture, final blow, and savage strike.

    Stealthing near enemies shouldn't make them turn so you can't do back stabs. Assassinate should be usable out of stealth with a 15 or 20 second cooldown, and combo points generated reduced to 1. Same with jagged strike. Double cross should be changed to if you're target is bleeding, as right now it is basically useless since you'll just be using backstab if you're behind your target.

    This would help balance out the dps difference of ranged rogues and melee aswell.
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