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Thread: Questions On Sab Playstyle

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    Default Questions On Sab Playstyle

    Im a little confused on how to play my Sab with a SAB/Ranger/Rift build. I cant see myself using any arrow based attacks (e.g. Splinter Shot) over laying down charges, are they situational or do i just plain ignore them. Am i on the right track or do my ranger attacks hold more of a purpose ( this is from a damage perspective, i realize using a crippling shot for a quick snare is more viable than trying to get 5 charges of caltrop charge).

    If anyone can explain to me how i can min/max my gcd's as a sab or just tell me how they like to play theirs, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Side note: I am more a pvp'r than a pver but a perspective from either will help me understand Sabs.

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    The two point abilities like Splinter Shot come in handy when grouping, where a five stack is often overkill, and they're useful for mop up duty on targets that are nearly dead, especially now that you can't spam frag bomb. You also need one extra finisher for when blow your charges with annihilation bomb.

    But if my nightblade or ranger attacks disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn't really miss them.

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