I played rogue to 35 , I tried most of the combos focusing on PvP (wfs,large scale raids and solo/duels) and here is some summary, all the thoughts are imho and I like to see what other people think

Melee rogues:
People feel they are at strong disadvantage , and I agree that at present level cap their only strong point is solo ganking due to imporved stealth.

But at level 35 I can already see the potential of assassin + nightblade/riftstalker/bladedancer builds. Right now one can only afford to spec only one tree to the top. Which gives you either damage and stealth (assy tree) or everything else (anti -cc with riftstalker, damage augement and mitigation with either nightlbade or bladedancer ), but not both.

I am fairly confident at cap melee rogue would be able to drop any other rogue 1vs1 (unlike now when they could be kited or outdpsed by ranged rogues)

With 66 points you will be able to afford truly amazing combinations

But already at 35:
-single target dps of melee rogues are pretty amazing (nightstalker/assy builds)
-decent CC skills
-root skills and some top skills offer great mitigation and avoidance .riftstalker tree has so many teleports that melees should have not much troubles

I still see them being weaker for warfronts and mass pvp end game , due to inherent disadvantages of melees, but they will be very strong contender otherse

They will likely be nerfed unless their scaling is much worse at level cap .As their frontloaded burst is just too much for pvp and we havent even seen their top 51 skill ( which would be a must for any sabo -it is insta 5 charge on target) .1 sabo is already a huge threat, 2 of them coordianted can drop whole groups . Huge aoe damage and utility (snares and silence) are just icing on top of very large cake. Bulk of their skills are all instacast and ranged which is just pure win for mass pvp.

They do have some inherent weaknesses though. Their tree is skill point intensive (due to requirement to go for 51 point skill) and they dont have any mitigiation or escape skills , 15 points wont be enough to compensate for that in other trees. They do not have any good stealth, anti-cc or mitigation and wont be able to pick it up .Due to that If nerfed too hard they might become fairly useless, so I don't hold my hopes too high for them to stay at FOTM status

Archers (mainly marksman, with ranger seems to be weaker ,albeit comparable) :
They are good ranged chars with great spikes . Unlike sabs they have more escape skills , but they are also more vulnerable in melee . Overall very powerfull for group/WF pvp and with potential to have some good utility as well - their trees are less skill point intensive and you can afford to get 20+ points in other soul(in infiltrator for example ) at cap. I foresee them become next fotm after sabs are nerfed

pve and support:
All rogues are good there. pet option is great for solo . DPS is great for all. Riftstalkers are amazing tanks , which could be combined with bard or BD for better utility or better avoidance (i personally think more avoidance is not needed atm, but things could change at cap).

Bards seem pretty good at general support. I do think they might scale worse at end game and become obsolete though being displaced by "pure" support classes like clerics.

Summary: In mass pvp or warfronts ranged rogues are superior. More aoe damage and and much more survivability. Melee rogues are at huge disadvantage there. In solo and small group scenarios melee rogues are competitive and only likely to become better at cap.