Two questions, for those Rogues in the know, post Beta6:

1) Are all instance bosses immune to Invigorating Soul?

2) What increases Bard damage (from power cord, coda of wrath, and cadence) is it STR, DEX, or something else?

Some context for question #1: I found that during the large invasion events, the bosses (the huge 20 meter tall 500k hit point monsters) were immune to Invigorating Soul. This was... well, for obvious reasons, very disappointing as a Bard. However, I wanted to find out if this same restriction was placed on instance bosses. If so, I'll have to rethink my role considerably, and ensure there's a cleric around for those fights (which seems ridiculous, but whatever, I'm adaptable).

Some context for question #2: I just want to ensure that something like INT isn't required to increase the effectiveness of these abilities, and if someone was specifically able to test with and without a buff to each stat and observe a consistent increase in damage.

Thanks in advance for any answers, and logfiles / log samples / screenshots demonstrating the reasoning behind the answer would be great, if possible.