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Thread: Ranger/Sab + MM or Rift?

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    Default Ranger/Sab + MM or Rift?

    Both Rift and MM have great mobility, though Rift is probably better because the teleport is available so early. From there, MM has nice slows, when they work, whereas Rift has better melee and much better damage mitigation.

    Seems to me, in PvP or PvE, you are eventually gonna get hurt. Better to be Rift than MM when that happens.

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    MM has slows?

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    It really depends on how far you plan to go into each soul. At 0, MM has a 0-30 range cp gen (Swift Shot) while the Ranger's are 3-30. I imagine you are using the charges mostly for cp, but I like using SS to lock in a mob and get a little dmg in. Also, it's probably because I'm a big fan of the MM soul, so take this for what it's worth.

    Other benefits:
    Deadeye Shot does a ton of dmg, i mean seriously, and for what 4,6 points? (my java is messed up at work, cant see builders)
    5 points increases ranged ability range by 5 (helps ranger)
    6th point could be in knockback (Repel Shot?)

    my 2c

    Edit: okay, it's at 8 so maybe ranged hit chance...
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