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Thread: Stealth Issues

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    Default Stealth Issues

    I know that some of the points I'm about to raise may have already been mentioned in other threads related to NB or Assassin but I think that a separate thread may be of use to focus on a very specific issue shared by these two souls.

    So yeah, stealth.

    Stealth in Rift is somewhat weird and ineffective. It works correctly and logically solo but it's kinda ridiculous in group PVE/ Dungeons.

    First issue: the moments you're able to go into stealth are too scarce and do not make any sense at all.

    You can get into stealth, in group PVE situation, during a group encounter provided you did not yet engage combat with any mob of the encounter. That's it.

    Meaning that, if your group pulls 4-5 mobs and you are not in stealth mode, NM you can still go into it. This prevents hasty pulls when you did not have time to stealth so this is handy. But this is also ridiculous since you can run at a mob without stealth, dance in front of it and then go into stealth right in front of its eyes (then get around it and launch your openers).

    What you cannot do, on the contrary, is go into stealth after a mob was killed if your group is still in combat with the original encounter or adds - even if (i) yourself did not engage combat with any other mob and (ii) you are not a target of any mob of the encounter.

    And this is true even for CCed mob. Yeah that's right, the mob is sleeping but you can't go into stealth.

    So all in all, it means that you can get into stealth once per group encounter. In a dungeon situation, it means once per 1-3 minutes.

    And this could be understood if the stealth abilities were immensely powerful.

    But second issue : stealth openers do not deal much dmg.

    My stealth opener (assassinate) grants me two combo points (which is nice) ance does 200-300 dmg (lvl 22). My finisher does more dmg than this and I use it every 15s or so, and I have another ability that gives me two combo points with a 10s CD.

    So I'm wondering, is this kind of dmg really worth a 1-3 minutes cooldown ?

    Third issue: stealth prevents you to launch anything other than stealth abilities.

    This one really does not make any sense, you have to manually cancel stealth in order to be able to cast anything other than a stealth ability.
    This is especially annoying if a mob gets away and you want to quickly use a ranged attack.

    Suggested tweaks:
    I suggest to make stealth more as it was in VG:

    - You can go into stealth as long as you or your group is not in combat but stealth only breaks when a mob hits you.

    - Stealth gives you a dmg and crit bonus

    - You can use any ability when in stealth but the big openers share a long CD (something like 30-60s).

    - You can disengage combat and get into stealth every once in a while (i.e. assassin's slip away).

    What do you think ?

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    Stealth has issues in PvP as well, mainly wargrounds.

    If your say level 20 entering the 20-29 bracket a level 29 character can easily spot and even target you while stealthed. You cant even close the distance before they spot you right away and hit you. It's pretty lame.

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    Other than the OP posted difficulty, I had the problem (perhaps it is just lack of talent) then in order to get close enough to use a stealth attack all the humanoid mobs always turn toward me even if they cannoot see me. I also think that my MM does not have to be as directly facing whom I am attacking but my sin has to be very positional without any flexiblity.

    To be honest, I found my sin to be less than fun as my main soul. Others can do more damage and without all the hassle and survive more. Thats just my take. I have my sin at lvl 26 and rolled a new toon as it costs too much to respect at that lvl. I do miss stealth when I am trying to get to somewhere without all the killing.
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