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Thread: The new Rogue "X Build" ROCKS!

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    Default The new Rogue "X Build" ROCKS!

    Omg, I tried Y out and it sucked golfBALLS but this new X BUILD ROCKS! I had tried Y and Z and they both were boring but I've found the holy Grail!

    <1000 people look with "ohhhhs" and "ahhhhs" thinking "maybe... just MAYbe I too can be OP like he says" >

    ....... advance forward 4 days...

    Omg, I tried X out and it sucked baseBALLS but this new T BUILD............................................. ....

    What is YOUR Alphabet-Build today?!?!?
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    I just think if everybody wouldn't be so negative they'll see that the Devs are surely going to buff Y and Z but I think we can all agree X is just way too OP. I don't know what people are talking about when they're describing all these issues with it. T is clearly not going to out perform X until the Devs make some changes.

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    Mine's XXX, as always.

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