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Thread: Class guides?

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    Default Class guides?

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the game but was lucky enough to participate in beta 6. I was just wondering if there are any useful class guide threads or websites about? The Rift website is ok but does not go into the detail I am looking for. I am particularly interested in routes and different builds involving riftwalkers.

    I played a riftwalker/NB during beta and enjoyed it but would like to research other possibilities before release and starting again. I would like a character that has good defensive attributes but also able to deal some nice damage. I realise I will have to for-go some damage if I want defence but I don't like glass cannons. I am also not interested in bows/Sabs so was looking at Rift/NB or Rift/Sin. If anyone has any advice or example builds, that would be much appreciated.


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