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Thread: Bard -- Dexterity or spell power

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    Default Bard -- Dexterity or spell power

    So, I just picked up a dagger "Enlightened Dirk" with +3 Int and +21 Spell power and decided to test it out.

    These are the two daggers I swapped:
    Enlightened Dirk 2.2 DPS 3-6 damage every 1.8 seconds +3 Int +21 spell power
    Hardened Slicer 2.5 DPS 3-6 damage every 1.8 seconds +2 dexterity

    I am level 9 and I tested these daggers with Cadence on level 10 mobs

    With the dirk I was dexterity 41 -- spell power 36
    With the slicer I was dexterity 43 -- spell power 13 I also took off all dexterity armor for
    dexterity 35 spell power 13

    In each case my cadence would dmage the mobs for 14 or 15 per tick or crit for about 23

    I realize there is not that much difference between 35 and 43 dexterity, but at this level it doesn't appear that either
    dexterity or spell power really has much effect on bard songs. I was wondering if anyone of a higher level, with more
    dexterity or spell power to work with has had a chance to compare them. Thanks

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    It's been confirmed that Attack Power increases Cadence damage.

    Get that Dex and Str gear!

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