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Thread: Stealth and the Quickslot Bar

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    Default Stealth and the Quickslot Bar

    I encountered what I thought was a bug at first. I specced Bladedancer/Riftblade/Assassin and put all the skills on my quickslots.

    I then purchased a second role & retraited to Asassin. I noticed that some of my quickslots seemd to be changing skills at random before "resetting" to normal.

    Then I finally realised that my Quickslot Bar No1 was in fact showing two different sets of skills, 1 set when i was stealthed, the other when I was unstealthed.

    Once I had set Quickslot Bar 1 up as I wanted it, TWICE, there was no problem. But it was damn irritating to have to do so every time i got a new skill.

    I now presume this is by intent and not actually a bug. I do wish there was an option to "Disable alternative Quickslots when in stealth", I really only want to have to set up my Bar once.

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    As far as I know, it's been like that for every stealth class in any game. Once you stealth, your standard bar filled with out-of-stealth skills are replaced by your in-stealth skills. Then once you break stealth, it returns back to your out-of-stealth abilities. Seems pretty standard and that way you can have more 2x as many buttons on 1, 2, 3, etc.

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    I love this feature. On my nightblade I have from stealth only abilities. I have these on my stealth bar and open with them as they are some of the best openers I have and its a waste to have them on my "regular" bar since they are greyed out.

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