First of all Hey

Around the boards i've seen a few old DAoC players talk about Battlebards and their movement speed and whether they would be able to get anything resembling it because it seemed like a very interesting concept to me, whether it was possible to make a support class that could charge around at high speed.

Of course someone has most likely tried this combination and found this out, but by combining Bard with a dabble of Marksman it is possible to get between a 45% to 75% movement speed increase and keep it up pretty reliably. And yes it is pretty simple, this is what I run with:

Basically I run Anthem of Comptence, open with Cadence, Power Chord, Hasted Shot. Then if I need more of a boost just stack up Swift Shot

And i've found that to be quite ample in both PvE and Warfronts but haven't really had the opportunity to test in open PvP.

The mobility could of course be expanded on slightly by adding more points into Marksman once you have some spare and swap out Ranger for Riftstalker to port about.

Anyway, tell me what you think