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Thread: Threat management and me

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    Default Threat management and me

    So... I'm running nightblade/bladedancer/riftstalker. I like to think I'm putting up good, steady numbers; I'm usually at the top of the parse in the group I run with (barring AoE pulls, since I'm dealing with a pyro as competition).

    I find myself ganking aggro more than I would like in dungeons and at rifts. I'm pretty much exclusively using Nightblade abilities in my attack chain, and using my other souls for buffs/passive support.

    When I was tooling around on a mage alt, I noticed they get some aggro dump toys here and there. Where among the rogues can such magic be found? I know assassins get a sort of vanish ability, but is that it?

    I suspect that once tank builds mature more this will be less of an issue, but right this second (35 is srs bsns, mang) I feel like I'm getting by on my defensive cooldowns alone.

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    16 points into Riftstalker gets you Stalker Phase, which reduces threat generation by 50% for 10 seconds or so when you phase shift. Wouldn't help for trash pulls, but for boss fights it could help a lot.

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