Here are 2 tank builds that i came up. Please post commentsm objections etc.



Few things to note:


Bard vs Ranger:

Armor Anthem, Fanfare of Vigor, 10% hp, +3% miss, -3% chance to be crited


5% hp. -6% damage taken. pet? (no idea if will be of any real use)

From the looks of it and i dont have hard numbers for 5 man bard wins dude to Anthem and Fanfare even with abnother bard since then can use some other ones. But in raids ranger looks more promising, not to mentions thing might change by then.

There are defently few floating points here and there where you an pick up some threat vs mitigation. I saw a few tanking build with rift barrier, and it suck. We barely have any shifting abilities with increased threat so it is hard to even get, on top of that it cant overlap with Rift guard. It is a rift pvp talent the way i see it.