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Thread: 0 Riftstalker / 26 Ranger / 40 Sab - Solo build (workable?)

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    Default 0 Riftstalker / 26 Ranger / 40 Sab - Solo build (workable?)

    Okay I know that most people are going with Marks/Ranger as their main two souls but I started thinking about other options. I do know that I really, really want a pet to tank for me so putting points into Ranger was a must. I wasn't looking for the other pets, just the tanking pet up to Greater Razorboar. I went pretty full out for Sab through Chocking Gas which I think is a nice silence tool and Sab tree is what I would be wanting for my main DPS line. I went into Riftstalker just for Shadow Shift to me a bit of breakaway time if my pet lost aggro and my traps from Sab failed.

    The build is http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...kk.EaR0VdtkkRz

    What do you guys think? I know most people want to dive into Marksman for the damage and even with Sab for Deadeye but this is more about having a tanking pet and survivability all the while trying to be a bit different than the common Ranger builds.
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    It's for solo PvE, correct?

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