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Thread: How much dps would max red weapon (Planar Champion's Blade) increase?

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    Default How much dps would max red weapon (Planar Champion's Blade) increase?

    As the title says, for the numbers specialists. Would it be worth it to max it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zetsuu View Post
    As the title says, for the numbers specialists. Would it be worth it to max it?

    Planar Champion AP difference
    (Lazy = the raw gain, ideal= trading the Champ wep cp for a 333AP essence)

    2044MS = 1.533AP
    + 464AP

    = 1997AP

    +(600/6) = 2097AP
    Optional 527CP = 333AP

    1.823,25AP chill Blade on Rogue
    +273,75AP lazy
    +606,75AP ideal -> (similar to EoA shoulder+Leg rune)

    ca. 1741AP OL oh Warr (more gain with a worse offhand to replace)
    +356AP lazy
    +689AP ideal

    Rogues get some 607AP (vs Eternal oh), Warris some 689AP (vs OL oh) ~+1-1.3% AP
    + 7% dmg 1/6th of the time (assuming it's a flat @self buff) It will be 3-4% in practise for 10secs/ minute. Fluctuation on what abilities the death, fire and air cycles manage to enhance.

    Rounding it up, it's

    607AP + 0.5% dmg on average for Rogue (stacking tons of @self dmg, resulting in deminishing returns on more @self buffs)

    689AP + 0.6% dmg on average for Warrior (Less @ self buff stacking, great AP value for Rift Burst)

    Result will be an average of 15k-20k dps. 1-1.3% dmg gain. More if you sync up the death cycle on a short fight.
    One poor decision may already fluctuate for that much.

    Those are super raw estimations (which have always prooven right so far)
    Part of the Ap gain is taken from assuming leftover AP and trading the 1h's CP stat into a 333Ap essence.
    If you don't do that, the Wep provides ca. half the AP bonus.

    //Riftblade is so dependent on a proper Eternal sync and buff management that the weapons will not make up for afk spamming or bad/ unlucky timing. You will have Death cycles (10sec uptime) running out with no Rift Burst (15 sec cd) taking the bonus.

    //Rogues are more likely to have a Rfs syncing up with the death and dex cycle. - but again gain more from proper timing and preplanning the rotation. With Rfs on 12sec default cd, chances are that you miss out on a complete death cycle aswell when not actively tracking it.

    Verdict: It is absolutely and totally NOT worth the time only for the raw nummerical gains.
    You are better off spending all those hours spractising your class and rotations.

    If you don't adapt your Riftblade rotation to Wild Storm proccs alrady, the weapon will just be a gable on damage gains.

    Not only is the gain barely noticeable unless you already are in the situation to play what you have to absolute maximum effect, but spamming rifts and afking VP events literaly makes you a worse player. Losing you more performance than if you just spent the time practising.
    Only if you push for peak player performance already with what you have now, it is even worth considering.
    You may have to rearrange essences and fragments in order to get the most out of that weapon. Unlike 2x Carnival earrings, the gained cp does not 1:1 translate into a 333AP essence.

    It is a toy, like the 6k AP 65 trinket etc. And it will defenitly not give you a blind gain unless you know how to translate stats and buffs into output.

    Only runnerup is the Primalist (low eternal dependence), Cleric(Inquisitor) and Mag(Harbinger/ Lock) (all being SP scaler). The gains are significant enough that they can make a difference from the getgo- however the final performance again is dependent wether you manage to sync up the cycles or not- while also deleting your healing potential.
    Getting a complete 2h Champ wep only for Harb/ Inq etc ofcourse only makes sence when you are already sweating super hard on them every single time.

    See the Champ weps as a way to embrace lucky and well played moments.
    Do not expect it to 'make up' for a poor timing and rotation- even less will it make you op just by having it.

    Main use of the weapon atm is as a propeller hat showing that you spent alot of time afking in VP.

    //damn this turned into a long post
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