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Thread: leveling guide

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    Default leveling guide

    are there any updated leveling guides starting from lvl 1. Most of the guides i can find start at lvl 50

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    There is some relevant leveling guides in the Prime section of the forums. It will take a bit of research but they are there under classes tab in Prime part of forums. I believe The Ghar Station webpage has them as well. In general terms you can likely play around with whats fun for you to play till max level.

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    to be honest from lvl 1-10 you can spam one button.

    From lvl 10 onwards you can join an event called Instant Adventures (press . on your keyboard) and you can join celestials etc. In those you will power level quite a bit until it starts evening out.

    Otherwise you can try using the "auto fill points" in your soul tree as you gain a level each time. Probably won't be the best build but it will be enough to let you kill everything while you learn your class.

    Not exactly the answer you were after but there really isn't much of a need for in depth builds under lvl 50 anymore....well really make that lvl 70

    Good to see new people joining the game and best of luck in your journey through Rift!

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