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Thread: Lvl 65 - 70 Rogue Solo Spec?

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    Default Lvl 65 - 70 Rogue Solo Spec?


    I am a newly returned player (as of yesterday). It has been roughly a year or two since I have actively played the game and I am wondering if any of you might know a good solo build for questing. Many thanks!

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    Anything full ranger will be pretty easy with the pig pet.

    At 68 you have enough legendary points to do a nightsab/tactician build which works great as a farm spec.

    Hellfire blades, flame blitz, and the 1 from tactician that heals you when hit are the 3 you'd want.
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    Boar pet have a bad aggro, and Ranger have less dps. You can play Nightblade for qwests and get him Planar Variation ability to use @self PV healing macro. So you can use stealth and Lost Hope from stealth to avoid some trash in open world. So NB have less buttons on ability bars that Ranger for normal damage. It is more important for new players that bad-tanking pet. Onlu Necromancer, Elem and Defiler have perfect tanking pets for soloing.
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