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    I'm deciding between attack power and crit power and I hear that the eternal is affected by crit power. I'm not so sure but to me the my fragments are always main stat/AP because my essences are bis. If the eternal adds tooltip damage does that make attack power weaker even a high tier than crit power rather not every ability is bound to crit.

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    You want crit power until you hit cap. Then you can focus on dex/ap.
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    To maximize dps youd want to hit CP soft cap, which is 8653 (or close) CP. That boosted with curry will net you 40 % CP which is soft cap. This is my hallmark. Someone is welcome to question this if they have noticed that a higher CP rate has given more dps (I quite often see people with 9k CP).

    There are some different ways to achieve this. Personally I have CP T1 death fragments x 2, CP fire fragments (T2 I think) x2, CP water fragments x2, CP air fragments x2, and CP offstat on dexterity earth fragments x2, attack power life fragment (I dont think I have CP offstat on each of these but I cant remember from the top off my head). You can also have CP rune on your seal (I have AP/Phys crit).

    Together with this setup I have BiS CP lessers on each essence slot (i.e. the CP essences with 606 dexterity unupgraded) and one AP essence. That with synergy crystal leaves me at soft cap.
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    Even after you hit cp cap, your crit chance stat will be far better than ap/dex. Mainly because the more cp you have, the faster crit chance scales. Eternals do indeed scale with crits/crit power, so they are basically an absurd amount of ap/sp on whatever skills they affect.

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