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Thread: Healer/Support soul DPS?

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    Default Healer/Support soul DPS?

    Returning player after a loooong break. Is there a healing spec with enough healing to fill that role in dungeons that can contribute reasonable DPS? What % of a pure DPS class roughly can healers do?

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    If you're wanting to heal while dpsing, best route would be mage's chloromancer. They literally heal via dpsing. For basic dungeons, you throw synthesis on the tank, which puts lifebound veil on you, which makes all your damaging spells heal. Life spells heal significantly more. You have some direct healing as well, but those are not your main stay.

    There are other things you can try as well. Leveling a cleric, I've been messing around with a warden/defiler build that is somewhat complex but so far viable for dungeons.
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