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Thread: Looking for help with a tac build

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    Default Looking for help with a tac build

    i want to roll tactician as a main build i REALLY enjoy the spec an im lookin for a build but i cant seem to find any that arnt really really old or im finding stuff thats rather unhelpfull im looking for a spec and a guide to go with it

    i also will say that i only have storm souls an vanilla souls but i figured i can sub the physician spec with bard

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    I don't have an exact build for you, but it depends on what you're looking for:
    -Marksman will help with dps
    -Bard will give you some additional survivability with passive boosts to HP healing, as well as a smaller bit of dps boost
    -Physician will boost your healing capabilities making you even more support-y

    Those are the three I would recommend, Magelo has a soul calculator if you want to play around with it, and there are still some guides here, but yes a lot of them are older.

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