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Thread: I want to do a stealth marksmen build

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    Default I want to do a stealth marksmen build

    so far im running marksmen an assassin but im not sure what to do for the third spec iv been trying to think it over but im not a super guru when it comes to builds so i could use a bit of health an any specs someone might know

    i should say iv only got the vanilla an storm souls

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    Just no. Devs, let's a get ban over here, before this stealth-marksmen build gets out of hand.

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    Default for solo...or anything

    3rd soul Riftstalker

    5 points into Unseen Fury for 1% attack power and weapon damage,

    for that you get Shadow Shift... short teleport
    Guarded Steel ... finisher with 10% armour buff for 20 secs
    Planebound Resilience ... self buff for endurance, scaling as you level

    points tot up to : 2.5% damage, 5% base health, 10% armour, 12.5% resists

    That is the best 5 points I can think of using on a third soul no matter what spec you are building.
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