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Thread: Low level leveling

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    Default Low level leveling

    So, I have a 28 rogue and am very interested in tactician for leveling... Is there a spec to use for aoe grinding with tactician for leveling? Just love how the torrents work and am hoping it is manageable. Thanks for any tips/advice.

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    What I've used with tact is marksman.

    healing from 16 points tact, for healing/curative core and engine helps a lot, especially at higher levels.

    marksman ranged damage does nice.. you should be able to have bulls eye and barbed shot from mm at your level, combined with the rapid fire shot.

    And some damage buff from a 3rd soul.. nb or assassin I think though razorbeast from ranger at lower level might work too.

    maybe you can find some answers in this thread too, tho I'm not sure it offers what you are looking for.

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