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Thread: new roguer :P

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    Default new roguer :P

    Hi guys,i rolled a rogue, ranger-assasin and something else.Its the free souls you get when you start.Is there a spec for this package or rogue thats in vogue till i get some rexors for the other souls?


    Heres my window,dunno if these are my available souls or whatnot,Had bought a rex once
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    I recommend using one of the presets until your around lvl 50. Once at lvl 50 start playing around with your available souls and see what you like.

    The Ranger preset does fine if you just started playing the game, however as a rogue I always prefer learning the melee aspects. Blade dancer and Assassin are both good leveling specs/souls. Nightblade is a bit squishy unless you have strong off souls.

    Some of the souls you are missing add alot to the leveling experience. Tactician is a pretty cool option and offers alot as an off soul to level with.
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    Your available souls without any packs are as follows:

    Riftstalker - tank soul
    Bard - support soul
    Assassin, Bladedancer, Nightblade - melee dps souls
    Ranger, Marksman, Saboteur - ranged dps souls

    Saboteur and Bladedancer are more AoE focused than the other dps souls.

    Using a preset if fine, but if you wish to play around with builds, simply reset your trees, and close out the presets. You can then choose your own soul combo.

    To fill out one soul completely you will get 61 points for your main soul and 15 to spread elsewhere. You get 76 in total and can put them in any combination.

    For survivability/soloing - Ranger will give you a pet, Riftstalker will make you sturdier, and Bard will give you some heals.

    Just a note though, ranger is on the low end for damage. Over all play what you enjoy and don't be afraid to experiment. If you get overwhelmed with choices, you can always go back to a preset.

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